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Hope International Missionary Guest House of Haiti (HIMGHOH)

A ministry of Hope for American and Haitian Youth and Elderly (HOHAYE), 501(c)3

Missionary Trip to Haiti Summer 2017

2613 Brnot Ave. Waukegan IL 60087

Phone: USA: 1 (224) 772-7379 / HTI: (509) 3447-5966
Email: hohaye@gmail.com

How to Prepare

Here are some suggestions on how to prepare spiritually and financially for your trip to Haiti

  • Pray, pray and pray!
  • Talk to your church
  • Start raising funds early (at least 8 months in advance)
  • Contact us for help on raising support
  • Have a team leader
  • Make a reservation! (the earlier the better)


In order for you to have a successful and safe experience while in Haiti we do have some recommendations.

  • Do not bring valuables (Jewelry, electronics, etc.)
  • Bring small bills
  • Bring snacks
  • Dress modestly (Haitian Christians are traditionally more conservative)
  • Feel free to bring things to leave behind

We can accommodate Medical, Youth, Professional, Education, Humanitarian, Construction and Evangelistic teams. We will tailor your mission as you see fit. Decide to come anytime, the doors will be open and our friendly staff in Haiti will take good care of you.

Missionary Pledge Form

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